B2B ecommerce solves operational challenges associated with B2B orders.

The best first step in thinking about your business objectives with regard to B2B ecommerce is to take into account the current costs you incur with your B2B order process, and what would have gone away or drastically reduced if you had to implement a B2B software. Read more

The following costs can be expected to be reduced (or better – disappeared) after the implementation of the B2B ecommerce solution:

2. The cost of entering data

For vendors who have not yet implemented B2B ecommerce software, the B2B's ordering process includes unnecessary steps, for example, re-entering orders into ERP or the accounting system after they have been received, transcribing an order from an email or phone call, and etc.

Whether it's to calculate the time spent by your employees on the task as a function of their salary or the potential data-entry reduction option, the cost reduction is real.

3. Costs related to executing backorders

If you do not provide availability information to your customers at the time of placing orders, there is a good chance that they will place orders with products that are out of stock.

If you have a sense of how long each of your employees spends on managing backorder issues, you can quantify how long your employees waste on the task as a percentage of their overall salary.

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4. The cost related to product errors and returns

Knowing the percentage of orders containing errors and requests for refunds will allow you to calculate the costs you incur.

On average, ordering errors costs about 50 dollars per order to be fixed (the number may be higher or lower, it depends on your business operations).

Orders coming through B2B ecommerce are much less prone to errors, as your customers actively place products in their shopping cart, and get a confirmation of your order as soon as the transaction is completed.


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